Near Billings, Montana, the Alberta Bair Theater stands as a beacon of the performing arts, enriching the cultural landscape of the region. With its state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic programming, the theater offers a broad spectrum of high-quality entertainment options, from Broadway productions and classical concerts to dance performances and family-friendly shows.

What to Do

  • Attend a Performance: Choose from an eclectic array of performances. Whether you’re in the mood for the dramatic flair of a Broadway show, the moving beauty of a symphony orchestra, or the lively energy of a rock concert, there’s something for everyone.
  • Explore Educational Programs: The theater’s commitment to arts education is evident in its numerous workshops, master classes, and talk-back sessions with artists and performers, designed to engage and inspire the next generation of artists.
  • Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events and galas hosted by the theater, offering unique experiences and opportunities to support the arts in Billings.


The Alberta Bair Theater itself is an attraction, with its modern amenities housed within a beautifully preserved historic facade. The theater’s interior, from the grand lobby to the intimate seating arrangement, ensures an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Plan Your Visit

  • Tickets: Purchase tickets in advance through the theater’s website or box office to secure the best seats for your chosen performance.
  • Arrival: Arriving early allows you to comfortably find parking, explore the theater, and enjoy pre-show amenities without rush.
  • Accessibility: The theater prides itself on being accessible to all guests, offering various services to accommodate needs. Check their website for detailed information.

The Alberta Bair Theater is more than a venue; it’s a vibrant community hub where the arts come alive, sparking creativity and conversation. Whether you’re a lifelong arts enthusiast or looking for a memorable night out, the theater promises an enriching experience that captivates and delights. Ready to immerse yourself in the artistry and excitement of live performance? The Alberta Bair Theater awaits your discovery.


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