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about the owner

With only 8 years in the roofing industry, Dustin Swaggerty is a relative newcomer compared to many, but in this short period of time Dustin has already left his mark in an a very crowded industry.

He started his roofing career as a talented and hard-working young man whilst working for the 3rd largest roofing contractor in the entire country, where he was consistently ranked among the top 5 salespeople every year from the ranks of over 300 employees.


During the 5 years he spent with the company, and whilst working in a dozen different states, he was personally responsible for the replacement of over 350 residential and commercial roofing and siding systems. He quickly learned on the job the many intricacies of dealing with insurance claims, which can be confusing and stressful at times for homeowners.

One thing that quickly became apparent during his career was the fact that being a large company doesn’t always mean doing things the right way. Sometimes larger can mean losing sight of the customer as an individual, each one facing a unique situation requiring a unique solution.

In 2019 Dustin left the company and formed his own, Swagg Construction LLC, which is wholly committed to rectifying those problems and concerns he had witnessed in his own career, whilst choosing to always put the customer first.

Today, in only 3 years Swagg Construction LLC has quickly established itself in Montana and surrounding states as the “go to” company for roofing, siding and gutter replacements.

With offices in Billings MT, and Missoula MT, it has become “The New Standard in Roofing” through its premier Platinum LifeTime Material & Labor Warranties and exceptional hands on customer service.

Dustin currently lives in Billings MT and enjoys spending time in the wide open spaces and beautiful fresh air that Montana provides. 

If you are in need of a experienced, knowledgeable and customer friendly Contractor, Dustin and his staff look forward to working with you to ensure a pleasant outcome to your unique personal situation.